Waxes from Briwax-Online

Briwax is the premier multipurpose wax. Although originally developed for the artisan cabinet maker, it quickly became apparent that the untrained or amateur wood worker could obtain near professional results with this remarkably easy-to-use product. Amateurs and professionals alike, all agree, that no other wax can match the results that Briwax so easily delivers.

We also carry a large selection of other waxes including: Flag hull wax, Briwax & Flag liming wax, Briwax marble wax, beeswax, Briwax Sheradale polish/wax, Flag Terracotta Wax, Briwax Staryn Wax, and Lustra Table Top Wax.


Original Formula Briwax

Briwax Original is a solvent based blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, two of of the finest wood finishing waxes known to man.


Briwax 2000

In the 1990's regulatory agencies throughout the USA have started to highlight certain groups of chemicals and the extra care needed when using them. Toluene is member of these groups, so the producers of Briwax answered the call and developed a toluene-free formula, using the identical beeswax/carnauba wax blend.


Hull Wax by Flag Paints, UK

Flag Hull Wax, unlike our wood and antique care waxes, is a high solids wax specially formulated to be used on the exterior.


Briwax Liming Wax

Two hundred years ago this liming method was used to lighten the dark wood panels in various mansions of the day. Liming wax is the predecessor of the "pickling method" used today.


Flag Classic Liming Wax

Classic Liming is often used in combination with other finishing techniques to achieve a white wash look, pickled affect, or is used to affect a pastel finish with some stains.


Briwax Marble Wax

A specially prepared blend of natural waxes that will clean and leave a soft sheen to marble, quarry tiles and terra-cotta. (220 gm Tin)


Briwax Creamed Beeswax

Manufactured to a traditional formulation using only refined Natural Beeswax, linseed oils and genuine turpentine. (250 ml jar)

Classic Creamy Beeswax

Natural Creamy Beeswax, available in both Clear and Dark, is a wax polish especially suitable for period oak and mahogany

Classic Terracotta Wax

A beautiful treatment for glazed & unglazed terracotta tiles. Terracotta in color.

Sheradale Antique & Fine Furniture Wax

Sheradale Antique & Fine Furniture wax polish is manufactured to our traditional formulation using only the finest natural waxes including carnauba wax & pure beeswax.

Stayn Wax

Stayn Wax is a combined stain and wax sealer. The "Antique Pine" shade produces an aged effect on new pine, very similar to caustic stripped old pine.

Lustra Table Top Wax

Lustra Table Top Wax, unlike wood and antique care polishes like Briwax, is a high solids wax polish specially formulated to be used interior or exterior where resistance to water is important